At the start of summer 2019 it was so dry that trees were dying in the forest and bushfires were already raging. By invitation from the Yuin people, Warren Ngarrae Foster,  and the Gulaga dancers all sorts of members of our community gathered at the foot of Gulaga Mountain for a traditional healing ceremony; a corroboree which is called Bunaan.  "For the first time in Aboriginal history a nationwide dance will take place on the 1st of December. Our mother Gulaga is calling all her children home to stomp the ground where YUIN creation story begun and our songlines are still strong. Bring your clap sticks and Didgeridoo's. Dance for our old people, our homelands, the rivers, our children, our justice, our healing, Mother Gulaga, Father Sky, Grandmother moon and grandfather sun."  Together we connected with Yuin country and shared her pain. Magnificent dancing and passionate stomping, clapping and thumping  became a heartbeat. Soon we were ravaged by deadly bushfires which are followed by cool rain and regeneration. A pandemic has made the world still and so goes nature's ongoing healing.