Whisper I love you to a Butterfly and it will deliver your message to Angel.

Butterflies bring spiritual notions of Life Death and Transformation, as well as Reincarnation and Regeneration.


Imagine who butterflies might be.

I have been getting very intimate with beautiful butterflies when so many of my closest and  favorite people have tragically passed on. When I see the butterflies I feel connected with my special people and their memories which transports me to reliving all sorts of moments that we shared. Butterflies first appear to be very feminine and transient. I thought they were pretty little things that only live for a couple of weeks and  float around at the whim of the wind,  yet I have observed that they are strong and flap their wings with determination like bats. I was very excited when the Monarch butterfly saw my Zinnias and visited my garden. I  planted milkweed which is the only plant they eat and makes them toxic to birds. They seek it out in summer and if it's getting cold when they emerge from their chrysalis they can hold out and hibernate  for months  and fly thousands of kilometers seeking out milkweed in warmer places.

Monarch Landing 2019, Oil on board, 30cm

Monarch Landing 2019
Oil on Board
30cm diameter

Calling you 2019, Oil on canvas, 53 x 43

Monarch Calling 2019
Oil on canvas
53 x 43cm


Reincarnation, Oct 21 2020. Oil on canva

Reincarnation 2020
Oil on Canvas
84 x 102cm

Reincarnation has been my bushfire, lockdown painting. I've been painting it all year, putting on, not happy, wiping off, putting back on until I have many lovely layers of remnants of oil paint. It's large at 85 x 105cm. I'm finally happy with it, and at the same time I finally feel safe from fires and covid in the best spring garden ever, like a butterfly emerging from it's chrysalis. The idea of this painting has been developing for a very long time and it is in memory of dear Sandi.

Ocean Butterflies     Making Love

Sea Angels 2021
Oil on Canvas
61 x 76 cm

Sea Angels are also known as Ocean Butterflies and are real creatures that live under the ice. This painting is in memory of Michael who was my painting partner, a twin, and he overflowed with love. I relate these lyrics from QTY song Michael to my dear sweet friend: "They clipped my wings and the winds felt different since And ever since I've been upset". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUE8jl2dkxA